UX Design and UX Research

The United States Tennis Association (USTA)

As a UX Designer for The United States Tennis Association (USTA), I specialized in translating research insights into low and medium fidelity wireframes. I worked across multiple projects including the Net Generation kids tennis app, Coach background checks, court booking, event websites, and the main USTA website. I also redesigned the information architecture for the Safe Play project, working closely with business and legal needs. 


On the UX Research side, I conducted our remote unmoderated user testing and summarized and presented the results to stakeholders. I conducted a card sorting and tree testing study to inform proposals for a rework of the information architecture on the usta.com website. 


InSpirAVE is a Web Application that allows people to save up for big purchases. I created the UX and UI Design for the MVP launch. Some areas of focus were meetings with stakeholders, User Testing, Personas and other deliverables, Low, Medium, and High Fidelity Wireframes, and close Collaboration with the Dev. team.  Full case study for InSpirAVE can be found here.

Entrepreneurial project for iPhone focused meal ordering app

Food Roulette App (UX)

This is an entrepreneurial project for an app that presents a smartly tailored set of meal choices to help indecisive orderers. It makes these suggestions based on their pre-established food preferences and feedback aggregation from similar users. The app will present the meal, instead of the restaurant, as the primary information point. There is an entertainment- minded, novel meal suggestion interface that plays on gambling themes. This is an entrepreneurial project that spans from early concept through business strategy, UX Design, and early-stage user interface design. 

Agile UX Design Deck Highlights, IPad Focused textbook reading app

Athena Book Reader

Athena Book reader began as a re-design of an existing book reading device with updated technology. Through market research, the product concept morphed into a book reading app specializing in textbook reading and notetaking. The design explores optimal features for this notetaking-focused reading app and tests layouts for reading and annotating different types of material. Full case study for Athena Book Reader can be found here. 

UX Design Deck Highlights with Brand Identity, art curation website

Artwoof website

Artwoof is a website that helps organize art shows in non-traditional venues. The UX Design explores, in much the way a dating site would, how to best match together artists, curators, and property managers to find the best fit.  This enables them to more efficiently curate and have art shows. It is a primarily not for profit site with the aim of community-building. It's is a pet project of mine that I hope to be able to continue to develop. Full case study for Artwoof can be found here. 

Snippets from freelance consulting for various projects

Freelance Projects

Here is a sample of things from some of my freelance consulting work and a couple pet projects.

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