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"Mariko Frost bounces around the real and the hyper-real world. Even before cell phones apps augmented reality, Frost was seeing reality bend and twist in her paintings. Not to the point of surrealist dreamscapes, but rather a world with a hint of magic occurrences. Her world is more subtle bending of reality, thus her brand of representation isn't about just coping a person or thing, but rather the essence embodied in her subjects."

–Todd Camplin

Born in St. Louis Missouri, Mariko spent her formative years in Austin, Texas where she became steeped in its unique hippie–cowboy culture. She holds diplomas from UT Austin, the University of North Texas, and NYU's School of Professional Studies. After eight years in New York City, she returned to her home town of Austin, TX. 

Mariko's work can be seen on permanent display in the University of North Texas's Art in Public Places Collection. She has exhibited internationally in gallery and juried shows, notably having billboard-size artwork reproduced on the side of the Google building in Chelsea, was a finalist for the Hunting Art Prize, and a winner of the Voertman Prize. She is also involved in teaching and mentorship. She has taught Information Architecture and Interaction Design as a Visiting Assistant Professor with Pratt; taught drawing, figure drawing, and painting as an Associate Professor with Collin Community College, and worked as an Adjunct Professor with The University of North Texas College of Visual Art and Design.  

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