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UX Design

Product Design

Tanzu Labs

Working with Tanzu Labs (formerly Pivotal) is an incredible experience. I collaborate with Soliders to create maps, design custom calendars, and proposed a certification tracking system. I have both leadership and individual contributor functions as a hands-on consultant. The applications we made are actively used and loved by the large DoD community.


My daily work is as a generalist here, conducting UX Research, creating product designs for web applications using Figma, and facilitating workshops with internal and external stakeholders as part of a balanced team.​ I also managed the Army's ArmUI design system from creation through the first two years. Recently, I have taken on a one-to-many role, advising in product design across four app teams. 

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Product Design

The Hartford Small Business Innovation Lab

At the Hartford's Small Business Innovation Lab, we discover novel insurance concepts through discovery research and realize findings as digitally delivered products. In my role as AD User Experience, I am a full stack designer in the lab who is leading UX Research, overseeing and executing our multi-phase plans, and creating an information architecture that responds to our learned user needs.


Check out the research that went into Putty handyman project insurance in the case study, and the live product at It's a short term insurance policy made for people who do a little light construction and repair work on the side who don't need year round coverage. We are especially proud of its natural language processing capability of understanding job descriptions, something we learned we needed to be able to classify the different job types more accurately from our research. 

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UX Design

The United States Tennis Association

As a UX Designer for The United States Tennis Association (USTA), I worked across multiple projects including the Net Generation kids tennis app, redesigned the Safe Play website for conducting state-mandated Jr. coach background checks, ideated with our partners around court booking app ideas, redesigned state event websites, and conducted research and proposals that were implemented to redesign the navigation of the main USTA website.

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UX Design, UI Design


InSpirAVE is fintech start up company that enables users to save for large purchases. I created the UX and UI Design for the MVP launch of their web application. Creating this included frequent meetings with key stakeholders, Weekly dev team meetings and collaboration, Usability Testing, Persona creation, Low, Medium, and High Fidelity Wireframes, and general production work including maintaining the InSpirAVE Wordpress site.  

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