Graphic Design

Digital Illustration

Prior to beginning my UX career, I have a long history of freelance. There was always a little extra time during the Summers when I was going to school and later, teaching, to take on graphic design side jobs. Some of these include Web Design, Graphic Design, Illustration, Textile Design, Photoshop, Painting, and Patent Drawing. Although my primary focus is now on UX Design, this background gives me deeper insight into design and allows me to be able to lend a hand with in lots of different ways when useful. 

Book illustration

Traditional Media Illustration

I have a dream of one day incorporating traditional media techniques into a website. How fun might it be to have a site that looks like an architectural blueprint, or that has slowly bleeding edges like fresh watercolor laid into wet paper. 

Illustration Work: 

Cat illustration

This is a gouache on paper illustration with the dot border texture added in Photoshop. Sorry for the potato quality, not sure where I put the high res version...

Cut paper illustration

This was part of a series of cut paper illustrations for a poetry book. This accompanied a poem that involved kung-fu fighting.

Watercolor illustration

Watercolor on paper illustration.

Texas Roadmap

This was one of the pages in a children's book about a girl who moved from Austin to San Antonio.