Technical Design

Patent drawing, textile design, map making

Freelance Projects

Prior to beginning my UX career, I have a long history of freelance. There was always a little extra time during the Summers when I was going to school and later, teaching, to take on these side jobs. Some of these include Web Design, Graphic Design, Illustration, Textile Design, Photoshop, Painting, and Patent Drawing. Although my primary focus is now on UX Design, this background allows me to lend a hand with a wide range of things when needed.

Picture frame mock ups

Technical Illustration

When I worked for Drummond Framing, I made drawings of what frames would look like with our client's artwork. Because the artworks are not my own, I have tessellated them in the images below. In any case, this initiative substantially increased business for Drummond Framing – As you can imagine someone paying 30,000 for a picture frame for their $30 million Picasso finds it helpful to know how it will look in their space prior to having it custom made. I used Photoshop for this, and measurements are exact-to-spec.

Frame Mock ups: 


tess 2 in wide step black over red caly mck

These are created using a corner sample the woodshop makes.

tess 2 in wide Black over red paint beveled w inner step mck

I photograph the sample in different lighting positions and then stitch it together in photoshop

tess 2 in wide double ridge maple stained ebony mck

Adjust the size, colors, and textures to the ones the client is deciding on.

tess 2 12 in wide oak stained adams brown mck

And then send them the image choices to help them decide.

mck 2_38 Slv Black bvl

Some of our large frames with state-of-the-art materials can be over $20,000.00 so it is important to know the artwork will look good in advance.

3 Bvl slv BlkClay

Each frame is hand crafted and unique, which means the mock ups are also unique.

Thin dark wood frame mck

The artwork belonging to our clients is private, so they are tessellated here for discretion.

Wider dark wood frame mck

Oak bevel mat mck

Frame mock up of a Struth Grey stained Oak frame with a mock up of an 8 ply Warm White mat with a bevel opening. Art tessellated for privacy.

White painted frame mat mck

Wider White painted frame mat mck

Flag Wht Alm mck

Slv frm mck

Frame mock up of a Gold over Black Clay frame on this [image blurred for privacy] canvas.

Wide painted White float frame mck