Co-Designed the Net Generation APP UI with the USTA, now available in the Apple and Google Play Stores.

UI Design Deck Highlights, Iphone focused meal ordering app

Food Roulette App (UI)

This is an entrepreneurial project for an app which presents a limited set of food choices to indecisive orderers. It makes smart suggestions for specific meals they can order in the area based on their pre-established food preferences. It will function similarly/ possibly as an add-on to other meal ordering apps, with the benefit the streamlined, entertainment-minded suggestion interface. The project begins with conception of the idea, through business strategy, UX Design, and early stage UI Design.

UI Design Deck Highlights, Android focused plant care app

Green Thumb

This is a standalone branding and UI Design project for an Android-first app that helps people track, care for, and add to their house plant collection. In a later iteration they can share their house plant collection and compare notes with other users on plant care, and an eventual AR Feature that lets you imagine how different house plants will look in your space. The design focuses on calming colors and undulating form elements to create the sense of being in a Greenhouse within the app. 

Responsive Design Highlights, Adapting a site for Web, Mobile, and Tablet

Drummond Framing Site

These are part of a redesign pitch, working with stakeholders at Drummond Framing, Inc to provide a much-needed update the old Flash based website. These prototypes were created in Sketch as one of a handful of possible re-design suggestions, to be coded by our awesome one-man IT + Front End Developer / UX Designer Brice. These begin with our existing branding and design from the old Flash site and paper goods and update the content.  They prioritize scalability to different devices, a complaint that came up from our customers using mobile phones. Although we begin with this design, it ended up being a much cleaner and more minimalist look for the final site, up now at (final version is his work, I helped with copy, images, and a heuristic analysis).


At Drummond Framing, Inc. I also did graphic design in the form of creating Visual Mock Ups  of what customer's art will look like in different picture frames using Adobe Photoshop and Pixelmator along with photographs I take and stitch together of our frame samples.  Sometimes I also create digital drawings of the frame if it does not exist yet.  Enabling clients to visualize the frames on their artworks prior to construction gives them confidence in their purchase, and our number of high-end repeat clients has gone up since I spearheaded this service. 

Here are a few selected mock ups.  The artwork is blurred or tessellated to protect the client's privacy: