Artwoof is a website that helps organize cultural events. It connects people together to facilitate fine art shows quickly and easily. The site provides advanced matching and sorting algorithms that allow curators to sift through artist portfolios efficiently, pairing them with spaces for art exhibitions. This win-win solution results in more shows and sales opportunities for artists, more paying opportunities for curators, and art and publicity for the managers of public spaces.

There will be three types of users: Artists, Curators, and Property Managers.
The site will establish expectations and facilitate connections between these three groups.



Overview of process for UX Design Project

Business Objectives:

  • Help build the local artistic community

  • Earn income through partnerships with targeted advertisers

  • Create a primarily user-sustained listing and matching system

  • Once the business is established offer premium memberships to raise income

  • Protect the business from liability such as damage to artwork or property

User Needs:


User Research

User interviews were conducted via in-person meeting, skype chat, phone chat, and one online messaging system.  They were asked a set of standard questions followed up by intuitive questions based on the answers given.  The results are summarized below.  The major finding was how to structure pricing: Artists at both the entry level and mid career level are OK with paying a fee in order to show.  Curators required payment, even artists acting as curators.  Businesses seemed OK with lending their space as long as there was little or no liability for them.  



Building on the user interviews, Three personas were created to build empathy for the three types of site users.  Rich, the artist, Richard, the property owner, and Cory the curator. 

Competitive Analysis

After a brief check of other websites and apps, there do not appear to be any direct competitors to this business model. 

User Stories and Sitemap

Now that we know what kind of site we are making, have a general ideal of how it will make money, who will use it, and scoped out the competition... It's time to get to work on designing the site!  Here is documentation from figuring out the paths of the users with sticky notes, then figuring out the sitemap with the help of my colleagues in a group session.  The result is first sitemap layout, from which I will begin to build my wireframes. 


Low Fidelity Wireframes


These are low fidelity wireframes done in Omnigraffle.  They were shown to some of the initial users and my colleagues for feedback. 

Medium Fidelity Wireframes

These medium fidelity wireframes went through a couple iterations and led to the clickable prototype.  They got some useful feedback about how and where to arrange the boxes, and about activating the tabs to access the different user areas.