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UX Design Continued

UX Design, UI Design

Entrepreneurial project: Food Roulette App 

Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a debate over what to get for dinner? This is an entrepreneurial project for an app that presents a smartly tailored set of meal choices to help indecisive orderers. It makes these suggestions based on their pre-established food preferences and feedback aggregation from similar users.


The app presents the potential meal, instead of the restaurant, as the primary information point. There is an entertainment–minded, novel suggestion interface that plays on gambling themes. This is an entrepreneurial project that spans from early concept through business strategy, UX Design, and early-stage user interface design. 

UX Design

Entepreneurial project: Athena Book Reader

Athena Book reader is speculative design for a book reading device projecting for a future with updated color e–ink technology. Through needs identified through ethnographic–style research, the product concept morphed into a book reading app specializing in textbook reading and class note taking.


The design explores optimal features for this specialized studying app and incorporates layouts for reading and annotating different types of reading materials, e.g. differences between comic book, math, and biology textbook formatting. 

Competitive Analysis Athena
User Persona for Jake ABR
User Story Studying Ebook
Mental Model for Jake ABR
Sitemap with MVP Stars
2nd Iteration wireframe ABR
Notes from User Testing ABR
5th Iteration Wireframes ABR
5th Iteration Wireframes series ABR
Mock up of bookshelf ABR

UX Research, UX Design, Brand Identity

Artwoof website

Artwoof is a website that brings people together to organize art shows in non-traditional venues. The UX Design explores how to best match together artists, curators, and property managers to find the best fit. 


This enables a more efficient curation and matching program to bring more art out of storage and into view in public spheres. The primary aim of the site is community-building, although potential for sales and curation fees may emerge. It's is a pet project of mine that I hope to be able to continue to develop.

Problem Solving AW
User Needs AW
Competitive Analysis summary AW
User Persona for Cory AW
User story for Artist AW
User Story for Curator AW
User story for Property Manager AW
Sitemap AW
AW Low Fi Mockup homepage
Artwoof Med Fi Mockup homepage
Artwoof Hi fi mockup homepage

UX Design, UI Design, Illustration

Freelance Projects

Prior to beginning my UX career, I have a long history of freelance design work. These include but are not limited to:

  • UX Design

  • Web Design

  • Graphic Design & Illustration

  • Textile Design

  • Photo editing (photoshop)

  • Painting

  • Patent Drawing

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